The doom sayers have been saying that now since 1914. No doubt that is true. It will end some year. No one on this Earth knows when, so just enjoy what little time that you have left.

My shtick is "DEPRESSION IS COMING!!". I think I am closer to the truth.

Depression News

The best definition of a financial depression is a period when supply overwhelms demand, resulting in falling prices, unemployment problems, and economic contraction.

Investopedia explains 'Great Depression'

The NYSE crashed on October 24, 1929, a day known as Black Thursday. Thousands of people lost nearly the entire value of their investments, leaving them with next to nothing. The trend continued and the following Tuesday, Black Tuesday, the DJIA dropped 12%, marking the start of the great depression. International trade declined, along with personal income, tax revenues and product prices.

Many economists believed the Great Depression was evidence that capitalism, when left unchecked, is a dangerous ideology.

This caused some nations to change their political structures, such as Germany, who adopted fascism.

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Indications of a depression will be a 12% drop in the stock market combined with a high rate of inflation. People will be purchasing gold as a hedge against the inflation, so watch the price of gold closely.


"Depression is coming". Half of Europe is mired in a recession with 20+% unemployment and 30+% poverty but keeps limping along from one financial crisis to the next.

The United States is so far in debt that it could not handle a recession, not alone a depression, but again keeps limping along from one financial crisis to the next.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

The Senior Citizen and Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to honor and remember our ancestors.

Memorial Day is a time to honor and remember those servicemen who died defending our country as well as those who defended our country and passed on in later life.

Memorial Day is a time to honor and remember those veterans who served in our armed forces and are now alive to explain why it was worthwhile serving.

Last but not least, Memorial Day is a time to honor and salute those servicemen who are now on duty in our armed forces, defending our country, and our ideology of "Freedom for All".

Sherman said, "War is Hell".  Americans have been willing to tackle the horrors of war since they first declared their independence in 1776.

Americans believed in freedom and fought off many attacks upon our home land.  Americans believed in freedom and fought many wars on foreign soil.

We are even now fighting in Afghanistan.  We just surpassed a milestone.  One thousand American servicemen have lost their lives fighting.  This sounds terrible until you remember that over two thousand seven hundred innocent civilians lost their lives in the cowardly attack on the World Trade Center.

We will soon be passing another milestone in Afghanistan.  The war in Afghanistan will become the longest war the United States has had to endure in its history.  The length of this war is testing the resolve of the American people and the American government.  It brings up the question of, "How long should we fight for freedom?".  I am not talking about the freedom of the Afghanis, I am talking about freedom here in America.  To withdraw from Afghanistan is to invite more terror attacks on American soil.

Many Americans think of the war in Afghanistan as being some sort of religious war where it is, "Us against them Islamics".  They wonder why we should be engaged in such a war since we believe in freedom of religion.

The war in Afghanistan is a war on terror, and there should be no mistake about it.

The United States faces three primary foes in Afghanistan.

Al Quaeda - A loose group of terrorists who detest the United States because of our open society and freedoms.

Taliban - A loose group of drug lords who believe in ruling through force and fear.

Islamic radicals - A loose group of Islamic clerics who believe that you should worship the way they tell you or you should die.

The United States should have two main goals in Afghanistan.

1.  Prop up a very weak democratic government.  Until now, Afghanistan has been ruled by dictators or despots, when there was a government.  The United States needs to support the government until it is strong enough to defend itself.

2.  Eradicate the Al Quaeda, Taliban, and Islamic radicals.  As you read this, one or more of these groups is plotting an attack upon the United States.

What does this have to do with you, the Senior Citizen?

Write your Senators.  Write your Representatives.  Write the President.  Tell them you support the troops in Afghanistan.  Tell them you support the war against terror in Afghanistan.  Tell them to vote the funding for the Afghanistan war.  Tell them to give our troops the equipment necessary to conduct their mission!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Senior citizens and the world of computers

It is assumed here that if a senior citizen is reading this article, then the senior citizen has computer access.  Even with access, many senior citizens are loathe to use a computer because of vision problems.  Vision problems which are easily corrected now-a-days.

There are magnifying plate glasses which can be placed over a monitor to enlarge screen images.

Perhaps the best solution to the vision problem is buy a larger computer monitor.  The prices of flat screen computer monitors have dropped drastically, and a large monitor can be purchased for $150.  During sale periods, they may go for less than $100.

In this digital age, computer monitors are nothing more than televisions without the channel tuning mechanisms.  Vice versa, many modern digital televisions have a port for input from a computer.  The connectors for data and sound can be purchased at any electronics store.  It should also be noted here, that notebook computers have ports for external monitors.

Now, do you need any better reason for buying that 40" flat screen television?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Senior Citizen and Surveys

You have heard the hype, got it in your SPAM box, in your inbox, and probably even got it from your internet service provider, or email provider.

"Make money taking surveys".

"Work at home taking surveys".

"We want your vote".

"We want your opinion".

Sounds like an ideal job for a Senior Citizen.

Can you really make money?

From those emails that are in your SPAM box you can expect to enter your creditcard number, and then bend over.  The best that you can expect from these is a list of authentic survey companies.

From your internet service, or email provider, your name will be entered into a drawing for a monetary prize.  Many of the surveys are concerning new products, and for those products that you express an interest in, you can expect to receive coupons in the mail.  Many of the surveys are for services concerning such as house remodeling, window replacement, permanent siding.  From the firms that are involved in these services, you can expect telephone calls from "Hard Sell" salesmen.

There are legitimate firms which do pay for taking surveys.  They represent legitimate clients which are interested in polls concerning a variety of products, services, and information.  The problem is the pay itself.  Tenth of a cent for an email survey.  A nickel for an extended online survey.  And the survey companies normally have a high limit of fifty or one hundred dollars before they pay your accumulated earnings.

So you can make money taking surveys.  Just don't expect a lot.  Perhaps you are interested.  Where can you find these legitimate companies?  Search on line.  Remember that if you are required to pay a fee, the firm  is not legitimate.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Senior Citizen and Age Discrimination in Hiring.

Senior Citizens retire, go out and see the world, do all of the things that they could not do when they were working, and then find that something seems to be missing.  There is no sense of satisfaction, no challenge in life.  They have accomplished in life what they wanted.

Depending upon your point of view, our daily rat race will either make an old person of you, or will keep you young.

The adrenaline starts flowing when the alarm goes off in the morning.  Up, shower, shave, brush your teeth, chug-a-lug a cup of coffee, and maybe gulp down a piece of toast.

Fire up the car with a roar, and go heading down the road.  Pedal to the metal, join the other drivers on the race course.  OOPS!  I meant the expressway.  Watch the mirrors to stay ahead of the other drivers.  Watch ahead for policecars.  Watch the traffic for that timid driver that left a little bit of extra space in front that you can slide in at the last minute to make the exit ramp.  It takes a big motor, bigger brakes, cobra-like reflexes, and nerves of steel to make this trip safely.

Even the charioteers of ancient Rome experienced no greater excitement than can be found in our daily commute.

At the office, shoehorn the car between two badly parked cars.  Nobody parks straight anymore.

In the office, start computer, faxes, printers, or any other equipment necessary for the day.  Start the low priority jobs that were left over from the previous day.  Decode memos, email, notes from the boss concerning the day's work.  Half instructions.  Half explanations.  Misspelled words.  Poor grammar.  Get together with your coworkers and figure out how to get yourselves out of the mess that the boss has gotten you in now.

At lunch, wolf down a quick sandwich.  There is always some shopping that HAS to be done.  Back to the office.

More memos, notes, telephone calls, and voicemail messages.  But it is so exhilarating when the last shipment goes out, last page is printed, last matter is settled, just at the stroke of quitting time!

Start the car, again with a roar, and head home.  It is amazing how the trip home takes even less time than the trip to work.

At home, have a bite to eat.  Set down in the easy chair and unwind watching television for a couple of hours.

Set the alarm, and go to bed.  Ready to do it again the next morning.

You can call it work.  You can call it a rut.  You can call it a rat race.  But there is no greater sense of satisfaction than going to sleep at night knowing that you met and conquered all challenges and problems encountered during he day.

And the loose ends?  There is always tomorrow.  After all, what are they going to do?  Fire you?  You will have a satisfactory job before can they find a satisfactory replacement!

What does this have to do with the Senior Citizen re-entering the work force?  Meeting challenges.  Companionship.  Sense of satisfaction.

What does this have to do with discrimination in hiring?  You will find out when you apply in HR.  Averted eyes.  Non-committal answers.  "Hmm".  "We will have to consider.".  Meaning that they want a man half of the age of the Senior Citizen, and half the pay.

The Senior Citizen has all the assets that an employer looks for in an employee.  Stable work history.  Education.  Experience.  Common sense.  Solid decision making ability.  All the qualities that it should take to get on the short list for employment.

Why, then, is the application of the Senior Citizen ignored?  That is the discrimination that takes place.  Fear as much as anything.  Fear of turning that white maned lion loose among a flock of sheep.  Any organization wants to maintain status quo in so far as their internal politics go.  Any person that a boss hires is expected to fit in a certain niche and follow orders unerringly.

All of those good qualities that a Senior Citizen possesses are danger signals to a boss.  Stable work history indicates that the Senior Citizen is a veteran of workplace politics.  Education, experience, solid judgment, indicates that the Senior Citizen might be able to take over that niche, which is not what the Senior Citizen was hired for.  The Senior Citizen might even represent a danger to the boss's position.

How does the Senior Citizen negate these problems?  Apply for a lower position than you would normally hold.  Downplay the titles of positions previously held.  On the application, only list that education and experience that is necessary to secure the position you are applying for.

One of the most important things is:  Act Dumb!  Only show the intelligence and experience that is necessary to secure the position that you are applying for.  You have to make the HR personnel and all interviewers believe that you will be a good fit with their employees.  All new personnel in an organization are expected to start at the bottom rung of the corporate ladder.  And that includes you, the Senior Citizen.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

When does a Senior Citizen become a “Senior Citizen”?

65?  60?  55?  50?  The answer is, it varies by where you are and who you are talking to.  Some places consider that any person fifty years of age or older is a Senior Citizen.  It could best be summed up by a restaurateur who said that if a person is nervy enough to ask for a Senior Citizen discount, Give it to him!

It is the responsibility of the Senior Citizen to ask for the discount.  Most establishments are considering their bottom line and will not offer a discount unless asked.  Restaurants are an exception to this and if you look old enough to be a Senior Citizen, many will routinely apply the discount without being asked. 

Senior Citizens should routinely ask for the discount when making purchases.  If you are told that no discount is offered, please make the purchase.  But make a note of the price, and the next time shop at a competitor, compare prices and ask before purchasing if there is a Senior Citizen discount.  Be prepared to walk out of the store.  In many cases, stores without a discount have better prices than those with discounts.

At present, there are over a hundred million Senior Citizens in America and this amount is growing every year.  Many firms realize this and have changed their marketing techniques to attract Senior Citizens.

Many firms still think of Senior Citizens as being Grandpa and Grandma on fixed income with no money for purchases.  The smart firms realize that Grandpa and Grandma on fixed income still have more disposable income than that young couple with a house payment, one or two car payments, credit card debt, and a couple, three children to raise.

So, if you are fifty years or older, don’t be afraid to ask for that “Senior Citizen” discount.  You are eligible for it unless told otherwise.