The doom sayers have been saying that now since 1914. No doubt that is true. It will end some year. No one on this Earth knows when, so just enjoy what little time that you have left.

My shtick is "DEPRESSION IS COMING!!". I think I am closer to the truth.

Depression News

The best definition of a financial depression is a period when supply overwhelms demand, resulting in falling prices, unemployment problems, and economic contraction.

Investopedia explains 'Great Depression'

The NYSE crashed on October 24, 1929, a day known as Black Thursday. Thousands of people lost nearly the entire value of their investments, leaving them with next to nothing. The trend continued and the following Tuesday, Black Tuesday, the DJIA dropped 12%, marking the start of the great depression. International trade declined, along with personal income, tax revenues and product prices.

Many economists believed the Great Depression was evidence that capitalism, when left unchecked, is a dangerous ideology.

This caused some nations to change their political structures, such as Germany, who adopted fascism.

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Indications of a depression will be a 12% drop in the stock market combined with a high rate of inflation. People will be purchasing gold as a hedge against the inflation, so watch the price of gold closely.


"Depression is coming". Half of Europe is mired in a recession with 20+% unemployment and 30+% poverty but keeps limping along from one financial crisis to the next.

The United States is so far in debt that it could not handle a recession, not alone a depression, but again keeps limping along from one financial crisis to the next.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Stop the Lynch Party!

Stop the lynch party. George Zimmerman is not the culprit.

George Zimmerman should not be railroaded, just as Trayvon Martin should not have been shot.

Who is the culprit? A law, which allowed a non-law professional out on a crime beat such as a neighborhood watch patrol. Most people would not consider a neighborhood watch patrol to be a crime beat. It was that night!

Everyday, at sunset, hundreds of these para-policemen hit the streets on neighborhood watch patrols. These patrolmen are driving their own vehicles, with no identification. They wear nothing which identifies them as neighborhood watch.

And believe me, these people are armed. They fear for their lives, just as much as a policeman. They are armed with tire irons, billyclubs, tasers, mace, pistols, rifles, etc. The individual para-policeman arms himself with whatever he feels comfortable.

We now have an armed, unidentified, individual patrolling the streets, looking for criminals. It is just a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Will it be an innocent neighbor, or the patrolman?

In the case of Trayvon Martin, he saw an unidentified, menacing person and tried to flee.

In the case of a frightened George Zimmerman, he saw a menacing suspect in a hoodie, and fired. Whether he fired by accident, or on purpose, is something even he will probably never know.

Stop the lynch party! Do something constructive and prevent another tragedy from occurring.

Require that all patrolmen be in marked uniforms. These could be something simple as vests.

Require that all patrol vehicles be marked as "Neighborhood Watch". Simple magnet signs would work.

Require that all neighborhood watch patrolmen be trained.

There are only two items upon which these para-policemen need training.

#1. - Never leave your vehicle!

#2. - If the para-policeman encounters suspicious activity, CALL A REAL POLICEMAN!

A note to our professional police force, remember that it is better to have a thousand mistaken phone calls than one tragedy.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Economy Improvement Programs

The United States economy is still mired in high unemployment. The home foreclosure rate has improved very little. Now the price of gasoline is rising at such a rate that it will strangle the economy or cause high inflation.

The Republican Presidential candidates acknowledge these are problems, but are too busy bashing each other to consider how they would fix the problems.

President Obama also acknowledges these problems. He realizes, though, as long as he blames the problems on the Republicans, then he will get reelected.

When Herman Cain was campaigning, he came up with the 9-9-9 plan for taxes. The plan was flawed, but it was at least a concrete proposal. It did provide a starting point for discussion. What plan has Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, or Newt Gingrich put forth?

President Obama thinks he is safe. If the price of gas continues rising, it will stifle the economy resulting in higher unemployment rates. Voters will boot President Obama just to get a change of leadership.

How about some proposals?

How about 4-5-6.

Four years Presidency. Five percent annual Gross Domestic Product growth rate. Six percent unemployment rate.

These are attainable targets, and targets to which both the President, and Congress can be held.

These are admirable targets, but what about a concrete program to achieve them?

Enterprise Zones. Much of the United States is doing good economy wise. The biggest drag on the economy is in those manufacturing states where the jobs went overseas. Manufacturing jobs that it is said will not be returning to the United States.

Establish Enterprise Zones in those manufacturing states. Areas where any manufacturer moving jobs from overseas will be given a ten year exemption from paying corporate taxes. Perhaps the state itself could chip in the land and some tax relief, to get the jobs and put the land back on the tax roll.

Another item which is dragging down the economy is the number of foreclosed houses sitting empty. These empty houses not only cause other homes not to appreciate, they cause them to depreciate and result in lower property tax revenues.

Existing home owners use the appreciation of their homes to refinance debt such as credit cards. If there is no appreciation, then this debt can not be refinanced.

I propose a $1,000 federal tax credit to first time home buyers who purchased foreclosed homes. Perhaps the states could also add local tax credits to get the real estate market moving.

To reduce dependency on oil, I would propose a $100 tax on any new passenger car sold that did not have a hybrid or electric motor for power. A hundred dollars would not make or break a sale, but would speed up the design and development of passenger cars with more efficient hybrid and electric motors.

The hundred dollar tax would also put a FEW million dollars in government coffers.

Someone had better do something OR

Depression is Coming!

Monday, March 12, 2012

6 Reasons for a Depression

Total World Population: 7,000,000,000

China, Population 1,347,350,000

India, Population 1,210,193,000

Brazil, Population 192,376,000

Pakistan, Population 178,927,000

Mexico, Population 112,336,000

Turkey, Population 74,724,000

------------------ -------------

Total Population 3,115,906,000

That's right, these six nations represent almost half of the world's population. Their economies are primarily agricultural. Now, thanks to technology from the more industrialized nations, these nations are rapidly industrializing themselves.

The living standards of the citizens of these countries could best be compared to the living standards of the United States in the 1950s. In the 1950s, the larger cities had the conveniences of cement roads, inside plumbing, electricity, and natural gas for heating.

In the smaller cities and in rural areas, though, dirt or gravel roads were the norm, as well as water wells and outhouses. Coal was used for heating and kerosene lanterns or candles were used for lighting.

Compare this to the United States of twenty years later when we sent a man to the moon. Let me remind you that China is now developing a space program to put a man on the moon.

As I said, half the population of the world. The citizens of these countries now see how the citizens of the rest of the industrialized nations live, and they want electricity, running water, cars, refrigerators and computers. They will get these modern conveniences, too.

The governments of these nations have no large debt. The citizens have no personal debt to speak of. These nations will compete with the United States and the other industrialized nations for energy and natural resources. This competition will drive the prices higher, and will force the United States and the industrialized nations into what best could be described as bankruptcy.

Prepare now because:


Monday, March 5, 2012

Limbaugh - Too little - Too late

Contraception is a personal decision. There is no way the medical insurance industry should be required to pay for contraception measures. Regardless of your religious beliefs, you should be opposed to this issue. Regardless of whether your views are conservative or liberal, you should be opposed to this issue. Medical insurance companies pay from a money pool. The money comes from the premiums of the policy holders. Why should all of the policy holders have to pay for those few who want to practice safe sex? Contraception is not a screening measure for disease, sickness, or cancer such as mammograms, pap smears, prostrate exams, etc. Paying for contraception means the insurance companies have less money in the pool available to pay for necessary screening measures, or they have to raise the health insurance premiums. Health insurance premiums are already too high. Contraception is a personal decision. Any person that makes that decision should be prepared to pay that price. In so far as Rush Limbaugh goes, what he said was totally uncalled for. His speech, his views are not conservative, ultra-conservative, or even American. His views could best be classified as radical. That speech was given strictly for the purpose of inflaming the listening audience. Boycotting the program's sponsors is not enough. Turning off the radio is not enough. The network should drop his program. Sound like censorship? Rush Limbaugh is still free to talk as he desires. We, the audience do not have to listen to him. If a few more people would have turned off a radical named Hitler, we would never have had World War Two.